Software Development Pricing

Getting software developed can can cost as little as R5000.00.
Software development pricing gets more expensive when a project requires more time/programmers.

Interfacing with other/unknown applications, multi-lingual functionality, on-site meetings, requiring technology outside the Microsoft realm and decentralised or multi-tiered decision makers will inflate the price per project.

Converting your old spreadsheet-based business process could save you as much as 20% of the total programming costs.

Refining your business processes during the development of a new project could hamper a quick and effortless completion. Bespoke development can start from as little as R15,000.00 for a database driven system connected to a web or desktop front-end.

Factors that will keep the total cost down will include sample applications, requests to reverse-engineer your own dated software, properly designed relational database diagrams or database structures, understanding the limitations of the proposed technologies and hosting your web project on our servers.

The Process

The first phase of software development requires us to obtain your business processes in a narrative form. With our first on-site visit we’ll discuss your needs, ask questions and take notes.

If this is a R100k and more project we’ll include more follow-up visits and prepare a proof-of-concept application with no backend database connected to it. This proof-of-concept application will give you a clear idea of how the finished product will look and function. Although the application won’t be linked to a database, mock-up data will be used to populate the forms, reports and other data fields.

We’ll provide you with screenshots and a few days to review them. Changes will then be made to include your suggestions and ideas and possible process flow adjustments.

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled to approve and sign-off on the ‘shell’ application. We’ll then convert the proof-of-concept application into a function prototype with all e-mail and database connections enabled.

R4,500.00 – R10,500.00

Static websites, CMS modules, CI, graphic design proof-of-concepts.

R10,500.00 – R20,000.00

Complete CMS websites with SQL database back-end, blogging, e-commerce, tailored desktop applications with a single isolated business process, machine interfacing, proof-of-concept applications.

R20,000.00 – R60,000.00

Full customised CMS websites with bespoke modules, desktop applications to manage all your business processes, mobile application development, automated SMS and e-mail applications.

R60,000.00 – R120,000.00

Multi-user desktop applications to manage all your business processes with automated e-mail and SMS functionality, automated reporting, multiple branch database replication, web services.

R300,000.00 +

A turnkey solution for software ready to be resold with: Graphic design components, icons, installation packages from CD or Internet. Registration software to keep track of your sold applications. Licence fee collection and management, debit order integration to collect fees automatically.

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